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Amazing Facts

The one place where a flag flies all day, never goes up or comes down, anddoes not get saluted, is the moon.

Earth is not round; it is slightly pear-shaped. The North Pole radius is 44mm longer than the South Pole radius.

A green diamond is the rarest diamond.

The ozone layer averages about 3 millimeters (1/8 inch) thick.

A diamond will break if you hit it with a hammer.

The crawler, the machine that takes the Space Shuttle to the launching pad moves at 3km/h (2 mph).

Summer on Uranus lasts for 21 years - but so does winter.

The Sahara desert expands at about 1km per month.

Oceanography, the study of oceans, is a mixture of biology, physics, geology and chemistry.

More than 70% of earth's dryland is affected by desertification.

The US has one of the highest fire death rates in the industrialised world, with more than 2 million fires reported each year.

The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth.

The largest iceberg ever recorded was 335km (208 miles) long and 97km (60 miles) wide.

Luke Howard used Latin words to categorize clouds in 1803.

Hurricanes, tornadoes and bigger bodies of water always go clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the

Northern Hemisphere. This directional spinning has to do with the rotation of the earth and is called the Coriolis force.

Winds that blow toward the equator curve west.

Organist William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus in 1781 with the first reflecting telescope that he built. He named it Georgium Sidium in honour of King George III of England but in 1850 it was renamed Uranus in accordance with the tradition of naming planets for Roman gods.

Planets, meaning wanderers, are named after Roman deities: Mercury, messenger of the gods; Venus, the god of love and beauty; Mars, the god of war; Jupiter, king of the gods; and Saturn, father of Jupiter and god of agriculture; Neptune, god of the sea.

During a total solar eclipse the temperature can drop by 6 degrees Celsius (about 20 degrees Fahrenheit).

The tallest waterfalls in the world are Angel Falls in Venezuela. At 979 m (3,212 ft), they are 19 times taller than the Niagara Falls, or 3 times taller than the Empire State Building.

Although the Angel Falls are much taller than the Niagara Falls, the latter are much wider, and they both pour about the same amount of water over their edges - about 2,8 billion litres (748 million gallons) per second.

There are 1040 islands around Britain, one of which is the smallest island in the world: Bishop's Rock.

All the planets in the solar system rotate anticlockwise, except Venus. It is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Earth is the densest planet in the solar system and the only one not named after a god.

Earth orbits the sun at an average speed of 29.79 km/s (18.51 miles/sec), or about 107 000 km/h (about 67,000 miles/hour).

One year on earth is 365.26 days long. One day is 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds long. The extra day in a leap year was introduced to compensate for the discrepancy in the Georgian calendar.

Plates carrying the continents migrate over the earth's surface a few centimetres (inches) per year, about the same speed that a fingernail grows.

On average, 13,000 earthquakes are located each year.

The magnetic north pole is near Ellef Ringes Island in northern Canada.

The magnetic south pole was discovered off the coast of Wilkes Land in Antarctica.

There is zero gravity at the centre of earth.

The deepest mine in the world is Western Deep Levels near Charletonville, South Africa. It is 4,2km (2.6 miles) deep.

The deepest point in the sea: the Mariana Trench off Guam in the Pacific Ocean; it is 10,9 km (6.77 miles) below sea level.

Earth is slowing down - in a few million years there won't be a leap year.

The tail of the Great Comet of 1843 was 330 million km long. (It will return in 2356.)

There are more than 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth.

About 500 small meteorites fall to earth every year but most fall in the sea and in unpopulated areas.

There is no record of a person being killed by a meteorite but animals are occasionally hit.

The Dead Sea is 365 m (1,200 ft) below sea level.

A storm officially becomes a hurricane when cyclone winds reach 119 km/h (74 mph).

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1dRfl - wonderful
2 - to/too/two
2dA - today
2moro - tomorrow
2nite - tonite
3dom - freedom
4 - for
4get - forget
4N - foreign
ADN - any day now
AFAIK - as far as I know
AFAIR - as far as I recall
ASAP - as soon as possible
ATM - at the moment
B - be
B4 - before
B4N - bye for now
BB - bye-bye
Bf -boyfriend
BG - big grin
BION - believe it or not
BK - big kiss
BTDT - been there, done that
BTW - by the way
By - busy
C - see/sea
CB - call back
CUL - see you later
CWYL - chat with you later
DUZ - does
DUZNT - doesn’t
F2F - free to talk?
G2G - got to go
Gf - girlfried
Gr8 - great
Grr - angry
H2 - how to
HUH - have you heard?
IC - I see
ICCL - I couldn’t care less
IK - I know
ILU (or ILY) - I love you
in4ml - informal
KISS - keep it simple, stupid
KUTGW - keep up the good work
@ “At”
MSG “Message”
W “With”
ATB “All the best”
NE “Any”
W/O “Without”
B “Be, Bee”
NETHNG “Anything”
WKND “Weekend”
BCNU “I’ll be seeing you”
NE1 “Anyone”
XLNT “Excellent”
BWD “Backward”
NO1 “No-one”
XOXOX “Hugs and kisses”
B4 “Before”
OIC “Oh, I see”
YR “Your”
C “See, Sea”
PCM “Please call me”
1 “One, Won”
CU “See you”
PLS “Please”
2 “Too, To, Two”
DOIN “Doing”
PPL “People”

:) Original smiley :-) Classic smiley ;-) Wink
:-)) Very happy
|-) Hee-hee :-D Laugh loud :-o Amazement
:^D” Great! I like it!
:-* Kiss
<3 I love you
:-s Confusion
{} No comment
:-C Totally unbelievable
:-X Big wet kiss
:-9 Licking lips
%-) Confused
*:* Fuzzy face
:-@ Screaming
:-7 Wry remark
:-p Sticking out tongue :-( Frown
:> Develish grin
(:-|K- Dressed to kill
:-|| Angry
::=)) Seeing double
:-> Hey
|:-0 No explanation
#:-) Hair in a mess
>;-(’ I am spitting mad
#-) Partied all night :-| Hmmm
:-& Tongue-tied
L8 - late
L8r - later
LMK - let me know
M8 - mate
MOF - matter of fact
MT - empty
MTE - my thoughts exactly
NAGI - not a good idea
Ne - any
Ne1 - anyone
No1 - no one
nrg - energy
OIC - Oh I see
OK - okay
ONNA - oh no, not again!
OTT- over the top
PCM - please call me
Pls - please
Ppl - people
PTL - praise the Lord
R - are
Re - regarding
RUOK - are you okay?
Spk - speak
Sry - sorry
SWAK - sealed with a kiss
THX - thanks
TTYL - talk to you later
TXT - text
U - you
U@ - you at? (where are you?)
UOK - you okay?
UR - your/you’re
Usu - usually
W8 - wait
W84M - wait for me
W/ - with
Wan2 - want to
wn - when
WMF - works for me
XLNT - excellent
Y - why
YM - you mean
YR - yeah, right
GONNA “Going to”
SUM1 “Someone”
3SUM “Threesome”
GR8 “Great”
STRA “Stray”
4 “For, Four”
H8 “Hate”
THNQ “Thank you” :-) “I’m happy”
L8 “Late”
THX “Thanks” :-o “I’m surprised”
L8R “Later”
U “You” :-( “Sad face”
LUV “Love”
UR “You are ”
d:) “Baseball cap ”
MOB “Mobile”
WAN2 “Want to?”
;-/ “Confused”
2DAY “Today”
F2T “Free to talk”
RUOK “Are you okay?”
2MORO “Tomorrow”
FWD “Forward”
RGDS “Regards”

(:-… Heart-broken
%-) I’m tipsy but happy
#:-o Oh no!
:-# My lips are sealed 8-) Sender wears glasses
:+( I’m hurt by that
:*)? Are you drunk?
<:-0 Eeek!
:-e I’m disappointed
(-: Sender is left-handed
<:-) Dumb question
~o~ Bird
:@ Ouch!
:-(*) Sick comment
(:-) Bald
:// Frustrated
:3-< Dog
d:-) Hats off to your great idea
:-$ Put your money where your mouth is
:-{) Sender has moustache
|-| Going to sleep
:@) Pig
\o/ Praise the Lord
*<:o) Clown
:-{)} Sender has moustache & beard
:=8) Baboon
8^ Chicken
~#:-( Bad hair day
:’-( I am crying
:*) I’ tipsy :-o Oh
O:-) Innocent
&:-) Sender has curly hair

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Sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point

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Zara Zara Touch Me - Song (Race)

Zara Zara Touch Me - Song (Race) - DVDRip

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Obama Vs McCain: Rap Battle!

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A Secret: Why Tarzan Shouts So Loud

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Microsoft Pakistan introduces lower prices for home users

By: Pakistan Daily

Microsoft in spirit of true innovation launched its "Fully Packaged Products" for the general consumer market aimed specifically at students and individual home users. The FPP offering introduces genuine MS Office in home and student editions at a price 40 percent lower than its former price.

The single full packaged product allows for licensed installation on 3 computers for the price of one-a benefit unique to the FPP. This promotional offer is being introduced to harbour greater interest and offer affordable solutions to the public.

The FPP launch marks Microsoft's global initiative to expand availability and access to genuine software in emerging markets and Microsoft Pakistan is determined to fulfil the company's vision to bring benefits of technology to one billion more people by 2015.

The FPP campaign has been launched after considerable groundwork and research into emerging markets. Prior to the launch, pilot studies were conducted in five emerging markets and the results yielded a high willingness of individuals to purchase genuine Microsoft products. The products that are directly engendered under the fully packaged product portfolio include MS Office home and student 2007; MS Office Student and Home Word; MS Office Home and Student Excel 2007; MS Office Home and Student PowerPoint; and MS Office Home and Student OneNote 2007.

The FPP products, backed by authenticity of Microsoft are free from malicious viruses and spyware that affect a majority of desktops around the country. According to Global Software Piracy report, Pakistan uses 84 percent pirated software out of which 25 percent contain viruses and spyware thus exposing us to IT inefficiencies.

Country General Manager Microsoft Pakistan, Kamal Ahmed, addressed the gathering and emphasised the need and benefits of virtualisation for businesses in Pakistan. He said, "At Microsoft, we are striving to increase the accessibility to genuine products that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the public. The fully packaged products are being offered at a price 40 percent less than its former price which makes it all the more appealing and affordable to the masses."

In addition he also said, "Our FPP products will help us establish an IT ecosystem within the country conducive to economic, personal growth and free from pirated and counterfeit software. We are sure that our FPP products can bring competitive advantage to not only our business but to our country by leveraging our nation's human asset. Additionally, secure and genuine softwares from Microsoft will equip Pakistani individuals with the necessary tools to combat global competition in arenas of IT and other commercial avenues".

Saeed Sheikh, Country Manger eSys Pakistan, said "Genuine software technology has tremendous potential in our country where 84 percent software used is pirated. This renders the IT infrastructure vulnerable to inefficiencies and other malicious content such as viruses. By bringing the best from Microsoft and building upon its knowledge and capabilities we can surely capitalise on this potential and capture a substantial market in Pakistan".

Sheikh also stated, "eSys Pakistan is distributing Microsoft's FPP products in Pakistan keeping in view the encouraging results and favourable demand of the product". The launch of the FPP products will be followed by initiatives designed to maximise reach and visibility and also awareness campaigns among the masses. The FPP products will initially be available on selected stores but this will increase with the passage of time.
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How to Get One Way Links

Link Building 101
By Jason Storm (c) 2008

Two of the three big search engines (Google and Yahoo) place a large importance on one way links to determine rankings. Each link to your site is like a vote and the more votes you have, the higher you will rank.In this article I will be sharing with you some important info on link building and some strategies to help your one way link building.

Before we get started, it’s important to understand the fundamentals…

Beginning with the very basics, a link is a way of navigating from one webpage to another. An ‘internal link’ is a link within the same website. An ‘external link’ takes you from a webpage in one website to a webpage in another website. The term ‘backlink’ means when another website links to yours.

There are 4 different types of links:

URL Link - This is simply a website url that is a link.

Text Links (aka static links) - This is the most common type of link (when you click on a word or phrase and it is a link)

Image Links - An image link is simply an image that you click on to navigate to another webpage.

Dynamic Links - These types of links are in another programming language called Javascript and while they also take you from one webpage to another, they have ‘extra codes’ to perform special functions.

(these types of links can appear in many different forms)

It is important to be able to recognize these types of links, even if you are not familiar with web design and programming. You don’t have to memorize the codes, just learn to identify each type of link.

Links provide navigation for human visitors and for ’spiders’ (aka: crawlers, robots, bots). Simply put, a spider is a computer program that goes to websites and gathers information. Search engines use spiders to visit and ‘index’ your website. This means that they gather information about your site in order to líst it in their search results.

When the search engine spiders index your website, they follow the links to get from one webpage to another. It’s important to know that search engines cannot follow ‘dynamic links’ and do not follow html links that have a special code in them that says ‘no follow’.

The place where ‘no follow’ is commonly found is in the “meta tags” section of the website. Simply put, meta tags are information that is for the spiders only and is not seen by human visitors. You can see the code for any website in your browser by choosing ‘view source’. (From Internet Explorer, choose Page > View Source. From Firefox choose View > Page Source)

If a search engine spider cannot follow a link from another website to yours, you can still receive visitors but the link will not have any value from a search engine optimization perspective.

What types of links should you get?

There are 2 types of links that you can get:

  • One-way links - A one-way link is when another website links to you and you don’t link back to them.
  • Reciprocal links - A reciprocal link is when a website links to you and you link back to them.

One-way links are more valuable in the eyes of the search engines. However, each link has its own individual value based on: how relevant it is to your site, the text in and around the link, how much authority the website that links to you has, etc.

Also, it’s important to know that you can get links that have ‘no value’ in the eyes of the search engines, but they bring you hundreds or thousands of targeted visitors…

Generally speaking, the more websites that link to you the better. However, building links takes time and energy and if you focus on getting ‘high-quality links’, you will get a bigger return on your investment. 50 high quality links can be much more valuable from a search engine optimization perspective than 1000 ‘low quality links’.

What’s a high quality link? - Links that brings you Page Reputation (which shows the search engines that other related websites consider you to be important), and links that give you PageRank. Sometimes both at once, sometimes not…

To get high rankings on your website, you want to obtain links for targeted keywords.

For this reason it’s necessary to start with Keyword Research.

If your website is about “bird watching”, the first step is to ‘do keyword research‘ and find out which keyword you should aim for. While you could just start getting text links for the keyword phrase “bird watching”, if no one is searching for that - you won’t get any visitors. There’s no sense in ranking on the first page for a keyword that no one is looking for.

Or, if there is a lot of competition for that keyword, you might want to pick a “lower hanging fruit”.

Another important part is making sure your page is optimized for the keyword you are targeting. If you are focused on building one way links to your site but the links have anchor text which doesn’t even appear on your page, you will likely be wasting your time. (I say likely assuming that you have some competition for your targeted keywords, if there is no competition then it doesn’t matter).

In this case a site that has fewer one way links but much better on-page optimization is likely to rank higher. Or maybe you are building one way links to your site but they are just url links and not anchor-text links. Another site that has less links than you but better quality (anchor-text) will be likely to rank higher.

Ideally, you want to build a lot of one way links that have anchor text which includes the primary and secondary keywords that your page is optimized for. Google also uses Latent Semantic Indexing which (in a nutshell) means that they study the synonyms of the keywords on your page. This is to prevent spammers from just loading every second word with their keywords. Their algorithm looks at all the words on your page and how they relate to each other.

So, there’s no sense in building one way links if your content is not worthwhile. You want to optimize your pages for your visitors first. Then, you can go through and “sprinkle” your keywords. Then, go out and get one way links with the anchor-text of your targeted keywords, ideally getting most of these links from websites that are related to yours.

Yes, Google also looks at the relationship between your website’s content and the websites that link to your content. Fewer links to your business site from other business sites will be more valuable link-wise than more links coming to you from a site about video games..

Don’t make these link building mistakes:

  • Don’t spend all your time getting one way links from sites with no Page Rank. One or two links from related Page Rank 5+ sites can be worth more than 100 links from sites with no PR.
  • Be careful about buying links or you can get banned. Especially be careful about Site Wide links. If your website only has a few backlinks one day and the next day you have hundreds, Google will see this and penalize you.
  • Don’t spend all your time building one way links that are url-links, you want to get anchor-text links.
  • Make sure the links you get are actually worth something, don’t get “No-Follow” links.

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Encyclopedia Of The US Congress

Encyclopedia Of The US Congress (6 MB)

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Tu Mere Saamne - Song

Tu Mere Saamne - Song (Film: Darr)

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Truth About Pakistan

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List of Pakistani TV Channels

  • AAJ TV
  • ARYONE World
  • Channel 5
  • City42
  • DAWN News
  • DIN News
  • DM News Plus
  • DUNYA TV [1]
  • Express News
  • GEO News
  • PTV News
  • Geo English
  • Indus News
  • Metro one
  • NewsOne
  • Roshni TV
  • Samaa TV
  • Today5
  • Waqt TV
  • ITV Vision


  • ARY Digital
  • ATV
  • City42
  • Dhoom TV
  • DM Digital World
  • DM Digital
  • Fun Tv
  • Geo TV
  • Hum TV
  • Indus Vision
  • Royal TV
  • Rung TV
  • R World TV
  • Star Asia
  • Sun TV
  • TVOne
  • Watan TV
  • Urooj TV
  • Youth TV
  • Zam TV

Fashion, Health & Cooking

  • Fashion TV
  • Health Line TV
  • Masala TV
  • Style Duniya


  • Filmazia
  • HBO Pakistan
  • Filmworld
  • Starlite TV
  • Silver Screen

Music / Youth

  • G Kaboom
  • AAG TV
  • MTV Pakistan
  • VIBE
  • Play Tv
  • Indus Music
  • The Musik
  • VH1 Pakistan


  • Business Plus
  • CNBC Pakistan
  • Sun Biz

Children & Education

  • Ujala TV
  • ARY Nick
  • Cartoon Network Pakistan
  • Wikkid Plus


  • Arrahman-Arraheem
  • Haq TV
  • Labbaik TV
  • QTV
  • Islam Channel
  • Noor TV


  • ARY Shopping Channel
  • Value TV


  • GEO Super
  • Eurosportasia
  • TEN Sports Pakistan

Regional Channels


  • Balochistan TV
  • Sabzbaat Balochistan


  • AVT Khyber
  • Khyber News


  • Punjab TV
  • Ravi TV
  • Sanjh TV
  • Waaj TV


  • Waseb TV
  • Kook TV
  • Rohi TV


  • KTN
  • Sindh TV
  • Sindh TV News
  • Ajrak TV
  • Dharti TV
  • Mehran TV
  • KTN News
  • Kashish Music
  • Awaz Tv
  • Sachal tv
  • ITN


  • Aapna Des
  • AAP Television

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Online Pakistani Newspapers

Newspapers in Pakistan are now making serious efforts to expand their presence by making it available on the internet. Daily Jang, Dawn, Daily Jinnah and Daily Express update their e-versions daily. You can access back dated newspaper editions from these paper's site.

Dawn: http://epaper.dawn.com/
Jang: http://ejang.jang.com.pk/
Express: http://express.com.pk/
Daily Jinnah: http://epaper.dailyjinnah.com/
Daiky Waqt: http://www.dailywaqt.com/

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Koi Ladki Hai - Song

Koi Ladki Hai - Song (Film - Dil To Pagal Hai)

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Masha Allah - Song

Masha.Allah - Song (Film-KARZ)

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Best of National Geographic

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Study = Fail

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Top Online Applications


Sending reminders and alerts, with your own voice, is easy and simple using Phonevite™. With this tool, you can send free phone reminders & alerts to yourself and/or your friends in 3 quick, easy steps.

Google Docs

Create and share your work online

Upload from and save to your desktop
Edit anytime, from anywhere
Pick who can access your documents
Share changes in real time
Files are stored securely online
It's FREE!

Crazyegg - Vizualize your visitors

Crazy Egg will help you improve the design of your site by showing you where people are clicking and where they are not.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC.

hooeey - Record, retrieve and analyze your web hops

hooeey is a personal web application that records all web links that you browse and lets you use them in a fun and productive way.


Vuzit is a web based document viewer you can embed in any web page. It’s fast to add and it’s free!


CodePaste provides an easy and convenient way to send/share PHP, C++, Javascript, Java, CSS, Actionscript and HTML code with others. Copy and paste the code and enter the email where you want the CodePaste to send it. CodePaste then nicely formats the code and sends it over.

Sprout Builder

Sprout is the quick and easy way for anyone to build, publish, and manage widgets, mini-sites, mashups, banners and more.

infoencrypt - online service for encrypting messages

This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. All you need is only to enter a message text of your message and encryption password. The password will be used for both encryption and decryption. The system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted message without password will not be able to read original message.

Premier Survey

Free survey software for online surveys, web surveys, email surveys. Free Online survey software for customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, market research surveys.

Primo Online

PrimoOnline provides a super-fast way to create PDF files online, without the need to install any PDF software. Simply upload your file, enter your email address, and our server-based PDF creator will quickly convert it to PDF and deliver it straight to your email inbox.

postica - create and share sticky notes

Postica lets you create sticky notes, attach a file, and share them with your friends.


TinySong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends.

Adobe Buzzword

Adobe® Buzzword® is a new online word processor, perfect for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. It looks and behaves like your normal desktop word processor, but it operates inside a web browser, so there’s no installation required.

Awesome Highlighter

Awesome Highlighter lets you highlight text on web pages and then gives you a small link to the highlighted page.

Creative Pro Office

CreativePro Office is the most complete set of online office management tools you’re likely to find at any price - and it’s completely free! Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events from one web-based application.


ConceptDraw Visio File Converter is a free web service, provided by Computer Systems Odessa that is available to anyone who uses diagramming software and has a requirement to open Visio (VSD) documents. This service have been created because Visio users often don’t save their drawing into Visio XML (VDX) file format.

Hide My Ass

An anonymous free proxy service aimed at hiding your online identity. Use our service to hide your IP address and bypass your work/school web filter with ease.


RescueTime is time management software that helps individuals and businesses understand how they spend their time, and provides tools to help them spend it more productively.


Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.

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How to read faster and recall more

How to read faster and recall more (4.7 MB)

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