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Microsoft Pakistan introduces lower prices for home users

By: Pakistan Daily

Microsoft in spirit of true innovation launched its "Fully Packaged Products" for the general consumer market aimed specifically at students and individual home users. The FPP offering introduces genuine MS Office in home and student editions at a price 40 percent lower than its former price.

The single full packaged product allows for licensed installation on 3 computers for the price of one-a benefit unique to the FPP. This promotional offer is being introduced to harbour greater interest and offer affordable solutions to the public.

The FPP launch marks Microsoft's global initiative to expand availability and access to genuine software in emerging markets and Microsoft Pakistan is determined to fulfil the company's vision to bring benefits of technology to one billion more people by 2015.

The FPP campaign has been launched after considerable groundwork and research into emerging markets. Prior to the launch, pilot studies were conducted in five emerging markets and the results yielded a high willingness of individuals to purchase genuine Microsoft products. The products that are directly engendered under the fully packaged product portfolio include MS Office home and student 2007; MS Office Student and Home Word; MS Office Home and Student Excel 2007; MS Office Home and Student PowerPoint; and MS Office Home and Student OneNote 2007.

The FPP products, backed by authenticity of Microsoft are free from malicious viruses and spyware that affect a majority of desktops around the country. According to Global Software Piracy report, Pakistan uses 84 percent pirated software out of which 25 percent contain viruses and spyware thus exposing us to IT inefficiencies.

Country General Manager Microsoft Pakistan, Kamal Ahmed, addressed the gathering and emphasised the need and benefits of virtualisation for businesses in Pakistan. He said, "At Microsoft, we are striving to increase the accessibility to genuine products that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the public. The fully packaged products are being offered at a price 40 percent less than its former price which makes it all the more appealing and affordable to the masses."

In addition he also said, "Our FPP products will help us establish an IT ecosystem within the country conducive to economic, personal growth and free from pirated and counterfeit software. We are sure that our FPP products can bring competitive advantage to not only our business but to our country by leveraging our nation's human asset. Additionally, secure and genuine softwares from Microsoft will equip Pakistani individuals with the necessary tools to combat global competition in arenas of IT and other commercial avenues".

Saeed Sheikh, Country Manger eSys Pakistan, said "Genuine software technology has tremendous potential in our country where 84 percent software used is pirated. This renders the IT infrastructure vulnerable to inefficiencies and other malicious content such as viruses. By bringing the best from Microsoft and building upon its knowledge and capabilities we can surely capitalise on this potential and capture a substantial market in Pakistan".

Sheikh also stated, "eSys Pakistan is distributing Microsoft's FPP products in Pakistan keeping in view the encouraging results and favourable demand of the product". The launch of the FPP products will be followed by initiatives designed to maximise reach and visibility and also awareness campaigns among the masses. The FPP products will initially be available on selected stores but this will increase with the passage of time.


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